Breathwork For Business Workshop

Breathwork For Business Workshop

Powerful breathing techniques to help employees manage stress, boost productivity and feel their best while at work.

Do You Want A Healthier and Happier Workforce?

  • With less sick days? 
  • Greater ability to deal with stress?
  •  Energy to power through a long day?
  • Stay calm during challenging situations?
  • More focus, productivity and creativity?
  • Emotional regulation skills?

Breathwork can help your employees thrive and express their full potential.

Your Plan To Create A Thriving Workforce

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Learn Powerful Breathing Techniques

Boost employees productivity, stress resilience and energy levels with breathwork

Optimise Employee Wellbeing & Performance

Create a vibrant, healthy workforce and reach your business goals

Leigh Jones
Transformational Breath

After struggling with my mental health in my late 20’s, I decided to go on a journey to get to the bottom of these challenges that were creating havoc in my daily work and home life.

Luckily, breathwork was one of the first tools I came across and was blown away by its powerful therapeutic benefits. It played a key role in helping me calm my racing mind, deal with simple day-to-day stressors and find balance in my life.

I am now on a mission to share this powerful tool with others so they can experience more calm, health, happiness and success in their life.

How Can Breathwork Help My Business?

If you want a healthy, thriving company, then you need healthy, thriving employees.

However, at times, work can be challenging. High workload, deadlines to meet and long working hours can often leave employees feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. 

Furthermore, on a physical level, prolonged stress can deplete the immune system and leave individuals more at risk of getting sick and taking time off work.

Fortunately, there is a simple yet powerful tool employees can use throughout their day to restore physical and mental wellbeing - Breathwork.

During this fun, engaging and practical workshop, your team will gain a deep insight into the incredible benefits breathwork can bring to their lives; both at home and at work.

They will discover the habits of optimal breathing and see how common dysfunctional breathing patterns can wreak havoc on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Additionally, they will learn simple breathing techniques that can be used anytime during their workday to reduce stress and anxiety, calm a scattered mind, boost energy levels and enhance productivity.

Your team will leave the workshop feeling empowered to use breathwork in their daily lives and will have the tools to quickly and effectively change their physical and mental state whenever needed!


Matthew Wills - International marketing manager, dermalogica

Leigh ran an incredible Breath Workshop for the International team at Dermalogica. It was tailored to our day to day work and provided us with the perfect balance of education on breath work, practical techniques and engaging exercises to help with a variety of things, from reducing stress and anxiety; focus and balance to guiding us on improving our own breathing pattern through a breath awareness exercise. We just wish we had longer! We received great feedback from the team and we plan on getting Leigh involved in a future event!

- Matthew Wills - International marketing manager, dermalogica