Therapeutic breathwork and holistic coaching to help you put an end to your anxiety once and for all.

Is Anxiety Holding You Back In Life?

  • Do you wake up each morning feeling anxious and dread the day ahead?
  • Are you easily overwhelmed and struggle with the simplest of daily tasks?
  • Are you often "triggered" by certain people, places or situations?
  • Do you use food, alcohol or other destructive activities to distract or 'numb out' your anxiety?
  • Is your anxiety creating fatigue, burnout or health conditions within your body?
  • Are you desperate to make a difference and build your dream life but feel held back by your anxiety?

Life can be overwhelming, exhausting and downright miserable when you have anxiety. I get it...I've been there. 
I'm here to guide you through the challenges of anxiety and teach you the tools and skills to overcome it.

Leigh Jones
Transformational Breath

After struggling with daily anxiety and regular panic attacks in my late 20’s, I explored many different healing modalities and approaches to get to the bottom of these issues that were creating havoc in my daily life.

I found therapeutic breathwork to be one of the most powerful practices that created permanent shifts in my physical, mental and emotional health.

Now, as a breathwork facilitator and holistic health coach, it's my mission to help my clients create a radical breakthrough with their anxiety and finally start building their dream life.

4 Pillars To Dissolving Anxiety & Creating Inner-Zen

I guide my clients through the following 4 pillars during their journey...

Nervous System Regulation

Understand your unique nervous system 'make-up' and learn powerful breathwork and somatic practices to help you get out of 'fight or flight' and create safety and calm within.

Emotional Integration

Integrate the unresolved 'emotional baggage' that triggers your daily anxiety and learn how to process difficult emotions when they arise.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Build healthy habits and rituals into your life that will balance your body, mind and emotions and optimise your brain, gut and hormonal function. 

Mind Mastery

Let go of anxiety-inducing beliefs, tame erratic thought patterns and focus your mind on meaningful goals and behaviours.

When you integrate all 4 pillars into your daily life, you'll experience a noticeable difference in how you think, feel and perform each day.

Ready To Create A Breakthrough?
Follow the steps below...

Book A Discovery Call

On the call we'll gain clarity on your goals and current challenges and see if my programmes may be a good fit. 

Join A Programme

Learn and implement the 4-Pillar Framework and notice radical shifts in how you feel each day.

Create Your Best Life

Find calm, clarity and contentment in your days and have the energy and inner resources to build your best life.

It's Time To End Your Struggle With Anxiety

Anxiety can affect our lives in many different ways.

Maybe you wake up each morning with a dense knot in your stomach and a rush of adrenaline coursing through your body as you visualise your day ahead.

Maybe your mind is bombarded with incessant worrying thoughts or 'worst-case scenarios' when someone doesn't respond to a text or you make a mistake at work.

Or maybe you experience a feeling of overwhelm, panic or vulnerability when in certain social situations or environments.

However you experience anxiety, one thing is certain...anxiety is debilitating. It can negatively impact our health, relationships and career, can lead to feelings of shame and inadequacy, and worst of all, can stop you from living and creating your best life.

I'm here to help you put an end to that...

Keep Reading

Over the years, I've endlessly tested and refined my approach to working with anxiety and have now created a principle-centred approach that will give you the necessary understanding, tools and skills to manage and overcome your anxiety.

When you join one of my programmes, you'll be taught the 4 core pillars required to start dissolving your anxiety and finding calm within. You'll quickly start to realise what has been holding you back and will have all the necessary tools and support to start seeing immediate results.

Imagine being able to navigate your life from a place of calm, clarity and contentment instead of being overwhelmed by anxiety, fear and doubt each day.

No more adrenaline-fuelled days, no more panic attacks, no more pulling sick days. You'll have all the internal resources and energy you need to start building your dream life.

Ready to create a breakthrough?

There are 4 ways we can work together. Which one is right for you?

'Back To You' Programme 
(3 - 12 Months)

If you are ready and committed to putting an end to your anxiety once and for all, then my intimate 'Back To You' programme is for you. I will create a supportive and safe container to help you experience a radical breakthrough with your anxiety, so you can feel like yourself again and start living life on your terms.

This is not a quick-fix solution! You should only apply if you are ready and committed to doing the work and making the necessary lifestyle changes required to have a breakthrough.

Breathwork Breakthrough

(5-10 sessions)

Dysfunctional breathing and anxiety are inseparable. If you breathe poorly, your anxiety symptoms will be exacerbated. Likewise, when you are anxious, your breathing will become shallow, fast and chaotic. It's a vicious cycle.

During these sessions, you will learn how to correct and improve your breathing pattern to create calm and relaxation in your body and mind. We will also use a highly effective, therapeutic breathwork technique that will help you safely process the 'emotional baggage' that is likely the root cause of your anxiety. You will feel calmer, more grounded, and have breathing techniques to navigate the challenges of daily life.

Breathing Workshops

Want to experience the anxiety-reducing benefits of breathwork in an intimate, small-sized group setting? All workshops are perfect for both beginners and experienced breathers. Come and join me in a safe, supportive and sacred space of healing and transformation.

Breathwork For Business

Are you a business owner or team leader who knows the importance of employee wellbeing? High workload, deadlines and high -pressure scenarios can often leave your employees feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted - affecting their overall well-being and performance at work. In this fun and experiential Breathwork for Business workshop your employees will learn simple yet powerful breathwork techniques that can be used during their day to boost energy levels, improve stress resilience, lower anxiety and perform at their best.

Nobody's life should be limited by their mental health.