Experience Somatic Breathwork:  Transform Stress, Anxiety and Trauma into Physical and Emotional Freedom.

Do You Experience Any of the Following in Your Life?

  • Anxiety or panic attacks?
  • Fatigue or burn out?
  • Overwhelm or racing thoughts?
  • Low mood or motivation? 
  • Muscular tension and pain?
  • Physical/emotional symptoms from past traumas?

Somatic breathwork is a powerful self-healing modality that can help you safely and compassionately process stored stress, emotional blocks and unresolved trauma from your body-mind system, and in doing so, make space for more presence, joy, calm and connection in your life. 

Leigh Jones
Transformational Breath

After struggling with high anxiety, overwhelm and chronic fatigue in my late 20’s, I explored many different healing modalities and approaches to get to the bottom of these issues that were creating havoc in my daily life.

I found breathwork and somatic (body-based) practices to be incredibly powerful tools that helped me create permanent shifts in my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Now I'm on a mission to share these powerful practices with others so people can learn to heal themselves and thrive in life.

Key Benefits of Breathwork

Physical Vitality

As you improve the quality and efficiency of your breathing pattern, your cells will start receiving more of their most essential resource - oxygen, leading to increased energy, health and vitality. A more efficient breathing mechanism will also enhance digestion, immunity, detoxification, sleep, libido, improve posture and help relieve chronic muscular tension and pain.

Mental Calm

Breathwork gives you direct access to your autonomic nervous system, allowing you to shift not just your physical state, but your psychological state too. A calm and relaxed breathing pattern = a calm and relaxed mind. Slow, diaphragmatic breathing also lowers stress hormones and boosts 'feel good' endorphins in your brain.

Emotional Wellbeing

Unresolved "emotional baggage" and trauma can manifest in our daily experience as irrational fears, anxiety, depression, self-judgement, anger, guilt and relationship issues.
Therapeutic breathwork gives you the opportunity to feel and resolve this "stuck" emotional energy within your body leading to more calm and resilience.

Ready To Create A Breakthrough?
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Book A Discovery Call

During this friendly chat we'll uncover your goals and current challenges and see if my offerings may be a good fit. 

Start Your Breathwork Journey

Learn how to utilise breathwork and somatic practices to shift your physical state and heal unresolved emotional blocks.

Experience Significant Shifts in Your Well-Being

Experience greater levels of vitality, emotional balance, metal clarity and stress resilience in your daily life.

There are 4 ways we can work together.

Which one is right for you?

1-1 Personal Breathwork Journey

(5-10 sessions in person or online)

During the first part of this journey, you will learn how to correct and improve your breathing pattern for greater levels of physical health, mental calm and emotional well-being.

Once functional breathing has been established, we will use the breath to explore various elements of personal health and evolution - this includes grounding in the body, healthy emotional flow, self empowerment, heart opening, clear and authentic expression and higher states of consciousness. By the end of this journey, you will notice a permanent shift in your body and mind and will be ready to start living as your best self.

The way you breathe is the way you live.
Change your breath, change your life.


I've breathed all my life, why do I need "breathwork"?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population are breathing poorly and according to experts, most people breathe at only 20-30% of their full capacity.

Chronic stress, challenging life events and painful emotional experiences from our past can cause our breathing pattern to become shallow, restricted and dysfunctional - increasing our likelihood of anxiety, fatigue, depression, pain and health problems.

Breathwork is one of the fastest ways to restore normal breathing function and create an open and unrestricted breathing pattern - leading to greater levels of physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Is breathwork safe?

Breathwork is a completely safe, natural and easy-to learn technique that anyone can benefit from.

However, it is recommended that you experience a minimum of 3 x fully facilitated sessions with a certified breathwork practitioner prior to implementing your own self-practice so you are aware of all precautions and ensure your own safe participation.

It is critical that you consult with your medical doctor prior to breathwork if you have a more serious medical, psychiatric or physical health condition, or have recently been hospitalized.

How often do I need to practice to get the benefits?

As with any health enhancing activity, the more frequently you participate in the practice, the more benefits you gain.

Breathwork really works it's magic when you implement it into your daily routine for a minimum of 10-15 minutes per day. However a longer practice (20-60 mins) implemented 2-3 times per week will provide some noticeable benefits to your energy, health, mental state and mood.

How will I feel after a breathwork session?

Most people will experience a deep sense of calm, clarity and connection to themselves at the end of their breathwork session, and many report feeling noticeably lighter, clearer-headed and more present over the following days. 

However, there is also a strong physical and psychological healing process happening during a conscious breathwork session where the body is releasing toxins, stagnant energy and emotional blockages from the system. This can sometimes leave people feeling tired, heavy and a little vulnerable at times. 

Good hydration, nutrition, sleep and plenty of self-care can help manage and reduce these "healing symptoms" if they arise. 

How is therapeutic breathwork different from other breathing modalities and techniques?

Unlike more traditional breathing techniques where the main goal is relaxation, therapeutic breathwork (or conscious connected breathwork) is more geared towards healing and transformation.

In my work, I aim to help clients...

1) RESTORE normal breathing function for optimal health and wellbeing.

2) RELEASE any structural tension and emotional blockages from their system that's restricting the free flow of life force energy (chi/prana) through our body - which can create physical or psychological imbalances or 'dis-ease.' 

3) RE-CALIBRATE their autonomic nervous system to a state of balance and regulation.

When the above goals are achieved, not only will your physical and mental health improve, there will be a noticeable and often permanent shift in your perception of the world - you will think, feel and act differently, you will connect with yourself and others on a deeper level and you begin living more purposefully and authentically.

From my own personal experience, the results are truly transformational!

What happens during a breathwork session?

After a quick chat to discuss your goals and intention for the session, you will be asked to lie down on a mat and pillow and invited to relax and get comfortable.

You will be guided through a short meditation to help quieten the mind and bring the body into a deep state of relaxation. 

You will then be asked to start the connected breathing technique and gently coached to breathe into any areas of tension. Gentle touch and simple coaching cues will be used to help guide your breath into the areas where it needs to go. You may also be asked to make some sound and do some movement to help the breath open further. 

When the breath starts flowing in an effortless and natural manner, your body may start releasing any tensions, emotional blockages or holding patterns that no longer serve you. Be open to the experience and trust that your body knows exactly what to do to restore balance and harmony to your system.

The session is closed with a 10-15 minute integration phase where you will simply relax into your experience and just "be" with your body and the feelings and sensations that are present. 

You'll wake up as a brighter-eyed, calmer and more joyful version of you!