Breathwork for Body, Heart & Soul

Rebalancing Wholeness Weekend Retreat

with Intuitive Breathwork and Breathe with Leigh

23rd - 24th March, Tonbridge, Kent

Are you Ready for a RESET in 2024?

Take a pause from the chaos of modern life and immerse yourself in a nourishing and transformative weekend of breathwork, self-enquiry and healing practices to help you release stress, restore emotional balance, and unlock vitality within.

Over the course of this fully catered overnight retreat in Tonbridge, Susie and Leigh will guide you on a journey of self-discovery to unlock and activate harmony and coherence on all levels of your being – body, heart and soul.

Here's What's Planned

  • DAy 1 - Saturday

  • Day 2 - Sunday


  • Movement and somatic practices to help you release accumulated stress and tension from your body and invite a sense of calm and ease within

  • 1-hour ‘Breathwork for Embodiment’ session to help you re-connect and ground into your body and bring your nervous system back into a place of safety and balance.

After Lunch

  • Guided self-enquiry exercise with Susie to help you shine the light on, and heal, unconscious emotional blocks that may be holding you back.
  • 1-hour ‘Breathwork for the Heart’ session to help you connect with, and safely release any trapped emotions (like grief, sadness, fear, anger or shame) that are keeping you stuck, bringing you back to a place of joy and inner-peace.

After Dinner

  • 'Restorative Breath, Movement and Meditation' to invite your body and mind into a deep place of peace and relaxation ready for sleep.

You will also have a number of breaks across the 2 days that can be used for quiet contemplation, rest and integration. There is also a sauna available for your use.


Healthy and nourishing vegetarian meals, snacks and refreshments will be provided throughout the retreat. If you have any specific dietary requirements or prefences, please feel free to bring your own snacks.

Meet Your Guides

Susie Smith

Susie is a breathwork therapist, embodiment mentor, emotional trauma and anxiety resolution specialist, energy worker and MHFA trained. 

Her prominent modality being conscious breathwork and emotional release.

Susie is intuitive by nature enabling her to work with the frequency of your own body intelligence, dropping you into higher states of consciousness through the body and the breath, and bringing you back to a place of radical wholeness.

Leigh Jones

Leigh is a breathwork therapist, holistic health coach and somatic coach who's spent his whole career working with the body and has studied with leading experts in the field of holistic health, healing, somatic therapy and breathwork.

Leigh is passionate about the mind-body connection and loves to teach others how to heal their nervous system and release patterns of stress and trauma from their body so they can heal, cultivate deep health, and thrive.

Susie and Leigh have followed the same breathwork training and worked together on various projects, retreats and workshops across the UK. They have also recently appeared on E4's "The Big Celebrity Detox." The combination of Susie's shamanic background, Leigh's work with the body and their joint interest in nervous system healing will come together for a powerful and transformative retreat.

This weekend retreat offers a perfect opportunity to reset your whole system, come together in a community of like-minded people, and re-align your body, heart and soul  for a vital, joyful and successful year.

Are you ready for a quantum upgrade in 2024?

Additional Information

Logistics and Location

📍 Tonbridge, Kent TN9 – parking available on site of on the road outside

📅 Date: 23rd – 24th March

🕒 Timings: Saturday – Please arrive at 9:00 AM for a prompt 9:30 AM start. The retreat will finish on Sun 24th at 5:00 PM.


Matt, pillows and blankets will be provided but feel free to bring your own for added comfort.

Wear comfortable and loose clothes for the session and bring your own water bottle.

It is recommended to avoid alcohol, caffeine and heavy meals prior to the retreat.

Medical Contraindications

Please consult your medical practitioner to ensure deep breathing techniques are suitable for you. If you have asthma, please bring your inhaler with you to the session. If you suffer from epilepsy, heart problems, high blood pressure (not controlled by medication), glaucoma, a detached retina or psychological conditions such as high anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, personality disorder or have been hospitalized for a psychiatric condition or emotional crisis in the past 10 years this workshop may not be suitable and we ask for you to contact Leigh or Susie first. If you are seeing a psychiatrist, we request their consent for you to attend the class to email or

We ask all participants to read and sign a medical disclaimer before participating.