Therapeutic breathwork and somatic practices to help you heal your nervous system, transform trauma and thrive in body and mind.

Do You Experience Any Of The Following In Your Life?

  • Regular anxiety or panic attacks?
  • Fatigue, pain or poor physical health?
  • Easily stressed or overwhelmed?
  • Low motivation or desire to make things happen?
  • Self-sabotage or destructive behaviours?
  • Brain fog, confusion or an inability to focus?

All of the above are tell-tale signs of a dysregulated nervous system, likely stemming from chronic stress, unresolved trauma and adverse childhood experiences. Breathwork and somatic (body-based) practices are both powerful tools to help you bring balance to your nervous system, find calm and safety within your body, and improve your physical and mental well-being.

Leigh Jones
Transformational Breath

After struggling with high anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue in my late 20’s, I explored many different healing modalities and approaches to get to the bottom of these issues that were creating havoc in my daily life.

I found therapeutic breathwork and somatic therapies to be incredibly powerful modalities that helped me create permanent shifts in my physical, mental and emotional health.

Now I'm on a mission to share these powerful practices with others so people can learn to heal themselves, their communities and the Earth.

Key Benefits of Nervous System Regulation

Physical Vitality

When you're nervous system is in balance, every system in your body functions optimally. Digestion, detoxification and immunity are improved, our mitochondria (our cell's power plants) work optimally and we benefit from deeper sleep, enhanced libido and reduced muscular tension and pain.

Mental Calm

A resilient and regulated nervous system improves our ability to deal with stress, reduces overthinking and negative thought patterns, and helps us experience more mental calm and clarity each day.

Emotional Wellbeing

When our nervous system is in balance and we feel 'safe' within our body, we can connect more deeply to ourselves and others. We are more heart-centred, we honour our emotions without judgement, and we experience greater levels of empathy and compassion in our lives.

Ready To Create A Breakthrough?
Follow the steps below...

Book A Discovery Call

On the call we'll gain clarity on your goals and current challenges and see if my breathwork programmes may be a good fit. 

Join A Programme

Learn and implement breathwork and somatic practices and notice radical shifts in how you feel each day.

Create Your Best Life

Find calm, clarity and contentment in your days and have the energy and inner resources to build your best life.

There are 4 ways we can work together. Which one is right for you?

1-1 Breathwork Breakthrough

(5-10 sessions in person or online)

During these sessions, you will learn how to correct and improve your breathing pattern for greater levels of physical health, mental calm and emotional well-being.

These sessions will combine therapeutic breathwork, conscious movement, sound and attuned touch to help you restore balance to your nervous system, release tension from your body and heal unresolved trauma. By the end of the sessions, you will notice a permanent shift in your body and mind and will be ready to start living as your best self.

H.E.A.L. 12-Week Programme

The H.E.A.L. Programme is a 12-week online programme designed to provide you with the education, tools and support to create a radical shift in your physical, mental and emotional health.
This programme focuses on 4 Core Pillars...
H - Heal your nervous system and integrate unresolved trauma and emotional baggage that's keeping you stuck.

E - Expand your window of tolerance and become more resilient to stress.

A - Align your body, mind and nervous system to your life's big-picture vision.

L - Live your best life and thrive!

If you're ready and committed to long-term change, then this programme is for you.

Breathing Workshops

Want to experience the powerful benefits of breathwork in an intimate group setting? All workshops are perfect for both beginners and experienced breathers. Come and join me in a safe, supportive and sacred space of healing and transformation.

Breathwork For Business

Are you a business owner or team leader who knows the importance of employee wellbeing? High workload, deadlines and high-pressure scenarios can often leave your employees feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed - affecting their overall well-being and performance at work. In this fun and experiential Breathwork for Business workshop your employees will learn simple yet powerful breathwork techniques that can be used during their day to boost energy levels, improve stress resilience, lower anxiety and perform at their best.

Change the way you breathe, change the way you live.